About Us

Our family at Canary Yellow Logistics is dedicated to enhancing your business by providing the most reliable logistics services and solutions.

We are a full service logistics and shipping company, committed to managing and streamlining all your supply chain needs.

At Canary Yellow we utilize the latest technology and our international network of partners to brighten up the logistics of shipping and allow you to focus on what matters most, you and your business!

About Us

We strive to create the best possible customer experience and bring some “chirp” to your supply chain.

We understand that good relationships are an integral part of overall success and satisfaction. Therefore, it brings us joy to ensure that your future shipping experiences are great ones!

When you choose to join the Canary Yellow family you will receive access to our outstanding support team, 24/7 tracking and tracing services and ongoing management of your shipment by a dedicated Canary Yellow agent who will work with you to create a customized end to end plan and ensure a smooth and stress free experience at every stage.

Our team has decades of industry experience and successfully coordinates vast numbers of shipments around the world, ranging from simple to extremely complex multimodal ones. It’s in our nature to make the success of your business our absolute priority.

Our Services

At The Port

Allow us to take over the complexities of navigating drayage for you to ensure your good or materials arrive when and where they are needed!

At Canary Yellow we understand that “the first mile” sets the tone for the rest of the journey. In this phase we prioritize efciency and manage all aspects from planning to execution to ensure a smooth and timely delivery process.


Our team can streamline your shipments while saving you time and money by leveraging the combination of rail and truck transport

We will provide our expert services to manage every aspect of your shipment and oversee all transfers to ensure to receive premium service at highly competitive pricing.

Under our management, intermodal transport is an especially cost efective and sustainable option for large or heavy shipments.

On The Road

We get to know your specific requirements and manage all aspects of door-to-door delivery with our OTR services.

At Canary Yellow we ofer full truckload and LTL (Less Than Truckload) options in order to best meet your individual needs and budget. We use our extensive network of trusted carriers to handle the unique requirements of your job, making sure it arrives safely and punctually, no matter how rural the destination.


Canary Yellow has an extensive network of partnerships which allows us to provide specialized equipment suited to getting your goods where you want them, when you want them.

Warehousing & Distribution

Don’t have the space to store your inventory? No problem. We have trusted partners who can store and take care of it in strategic locations for you, while we handle all the logistics of getting it to you or your customers as needed.

Temperature Maintained Transport & Storage

The logistical expertise of our team combined with the “goldilocks” equipment of our partners enables us to handle every detail of transporting your delicious foods to wherever they will be enjoyed, all while keeping it safe and fresh.

Oversize Dimensions

Wide and oversized loads don’t scare us! We can handle every aspect of transporting a bulky load which includes coordinating, loading/unloading and ensuring necessary permits are taken care of, all while prioritizing the safety and success of transport.

Worldwide Shipping

Our experts will leverage years of experience in international shipping and supply chain management to make sure your shipment successfully crosses borders in a timely manner. Let us take care of the headache that can be dealing with with shipping regulations and customs ofcials. We take great care in making sure all proper procedures are adhered to in order to keep everyone singing happy songs.


We take pride in providing our clients positive and stress free logistics solutions. In order to ensure your unique needs are met, we are here to guide you from the very first step! Our consulting team is happy to assist you in arranging the highest quality services at competitive pricing.

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